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CNN Broke the News to Its Viewers: Hillary Clinton Rigged the Election [VIDEO]

For CNN, the truth is kind of the last thing they would like to report on. However, it comes a time when facts are so inevitable, it is only decent to spread the word.

CNN has had a rough time reporting on a story that former Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile carried out an investigation on Hillary Clinton and her involvement in the 2016 primaries rigging, a theory now confirmed as fact.

In a gloomy and unsettling manner, CNN felt compelled and almost forced to break the news:

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin felt as if a bone was stuck in her throat, but she spilled the beans on every shady move Hillary was up to before even being nominated by the respective Committee.

This means Clinton pulled all strings on robbing Bernie Sanders off his campaign, which he conducted with blood, sweat, and tears to no avail.

Brazile came forward with the narrative on Thursday, during her book promotion. She also claims to be equipped with viable proof to support her rhetoric.

President Trump recently spoke with Laura Ingraham and expressed that he felt it was “very unfair” for Sanders to have been backstabbed in such manner.

Sanders’ ex-campaign manager Jeff Weaver concluded that it had been Sanders who spoke the truth all along, as far as the primaries were concerned.

Having known that Hillary is more than capable of going against one of ‘her own’ leaves room for us to further wonder what she would have done to undermine any other non-Democratic obstacle?! Hopefully, someone is gonna go the distance and dig into it as well.

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