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YouTuber Gets Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat in Hollywood

It turns out there are places in America where the freedom of speech is not so respected as liberals want you to believe, and one of that places is Hollywood, California.

Blaire White, a conservative transgender YouTuber, found that the hard way as she and her boyfriend Joey decided to do one “social experiment video” to see how would liberals react when they see her in MAGA hat.

The video was uploaded Sunday to her YouTube account, which has over 350,000 followers. On the vide you can see White and Joey wearing a MAGA hats and being attack both verbally and physically by the “peaceful” social justice warriors.

They started the experiment at one popular gay bar in West Hollywood, which it wasn’t too bad. “The gays are pretty polite,” said White, other than the “awkward stares.”

But thing took a wrong turn when they went to the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, where run into anti-Trump protest. As they were trying to take a picture of the protests someone from the back grabbed Joey’s hat and threw it into the crowd. White tried to get it back when one man, wearing a “pussy hat”, smashed her hand and ripped her nail.

“Make America great again. That’s bullsh*t!” another yelled. “What do they represent? Make America white again.”

White run into a fan who “watched her whole transition” on her YouTube channel. But also she ran into some strange who tossed a glass of wine at her and ran away.

“You definitely can’t wear a Trump hat in Hollywood,” said Joey when they edited the video home.

Here is the video:

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