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WATCH: Unhinged Hillary Says Trump Creating a ‘Dictatorship’

Doomed Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton escalated her war-of-words with the Trump administration on Wednesday, accusing the President of creating an “authoritarian regime” where “political opponents” face unfair investigations.

The former Secretary of State was speaking with liberal website Mother Jones when she lashed-out at her political opponents, saying renewed calls for a special counsel to investigate her string of scandals was an “abuse of power.”

“If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly, fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust our justice system,” Hillary said.

“It will be incredibly demoralizing to people who have served at the Justice Department, under both Republicans and Democrats, because they know better,” she added. “But it will also send a terrible signal to our country and the world that somehow we are giving up on the kind of values that we used to live by and we used to promote worldwide.”

Clinton found herself in hot-water this week after GOP legislators demanded Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a special counsel to investigate her role behind a host of Democratic scandals, including Uranium One, the ‘Trump Dossier,’ her takeover of the DNC, and more.

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