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Tomi Lahren Says Don’t Be Fooled by the Liberal Media – Trump is Winning

On Friday Tomi Lahren, a Fox News contributor said that regardless of what the liberal media is telling America President Trump is in fact “winning.”

One year ago, President Donald Trump, then Republican nominee defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Lahren said that President Trump has been so successful as president so far during Fox News’ “Final Thoughts.”

“It’s time for Final Thoughts and I’m not angry today. No. In fact, I’m pretty darn happy,” Lahren stated. “Why? Because I am damn proud of what our president has accomplished in the year since we shocked the world and elected him our 45th president.”

“Don’t let the leftist mainstream media fool you, Donald Trump is winning and with him, the American people,” she continued.

Lahren noted that the ISIS has been weakened since Donald Trump became the President, pointing out that he has been fulfilling his promise to destroy the Islamic terrorist group.

U.S. military helped the Iraqi military to liberated approximately 4 million Iraqi citizens and has taken won over around 16,000 square miles of the territory of the country that was occupied by ISIS.

“Yeah, ISIS is probably not too happy since we’ve nearly eradicated their poison from the Middle East,” Lahren stated.

She attacked former President Obama for now allowing our military to fight against our enemies during his terms as President.

“We’ve got a military fighting force no longer shackled by Obama Administration kid gloves,” Lahren stated. “And we’ve got a president who enables them to be the fighting force they are trained to be, not the sitting ducks President Obama forced them to be.”

She also pointed out that President Trump placed Kim Jong-un in the spotlight not allowing him to do his nuclear tests in the dark.

“North Korea’s little rocket man has also been put on notice, this president doesn’t waver,” she continued.

She continued by pointing out how finally the law enforcement officers have a president who respects their job.

“Our brave law enforcement officers finally have an advocate in the Oval Office and the Justice Department who respect the line they hold for us and our communities every single day of the year.”

And she ended her commentary by talking about the economic growth since Trump took office. Nasdaq Composite Index, S&P 500, and the Dow Industrial Average all have reached highs.

Lahren also pointed out that Trump administration has created nearly 1.5 million jobs and had consecutive quarters over at least three percent GDP growth in Q2 and Q3.

“But I can hear the snowflakes now, ‘his approval ratings are low and his tweets are mean.’ Boo-hoo-hoo,” Lahren joked.

“Before you get too excited about your poll numbers and ratings,” she stated, “remember those same polls told us Hillary had a 98.1{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38} chance of winning.”

At the end she sent a message to all those who are still attacking President Trump:

“Donald Trump is making America great again with or without your blessing.”

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