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Social Experiment: Man Takes “All Lives Matter” Sign to Black Neighborhood, and Here’s What Happened

One white man took a “Black Lives Matter” sign to a white neighborhood and after just engaging in some conversations as result, the man decided to see what will happen if the situation was opposite. So, he went to a black neighborhood with an “All Lives Matter” sign while filming the whole time.

Joey Salads is known for his social experiments, but his latest has become more popular than expected.

The experiment is simple, first, he walked with a “Black Lives Matter” sign into a white neighborhood, then he went to a black neighborhood with a sign “All Lives Matter.”

In the white neighborhood, the people either ignored him or some just offered few words before continuing to go wherever they were going. After some disagreed with the statement or voiced their support he headed to the ‘hood.

When he went to the black community with a sign “All Lives Matter,” quickly people started attacking him verbally and even physically. In fact, in the video you can see some black men trying to hurt him, they weren’t afraid to broke into violence over the sign.

This proves what many of us are saying for a long time now, the Black Lives Matter is actually a racist organization who believes that the black lives are more important than other lives in this nation. Also shows where the violence is most present. On the other hand, it shows that in fact the white community whatever their opinion is the violence is never used as an answer.

There were many users who expressed their opinions on the results of the experiment.

“This is what’s wrong with this world. People need to learn that no one picked what color they wanted to be everyone didn’t have a choice,” the comment read, “Appreciate that GOD loves and cares about you and that you have people to support you, and if you don’t feel appreciated, just know YOU DO and whoever you are, whatever skin color you are, I APPRECIATE YOU.”

As this user pointed out, a society where everybody is treated equally will easily accept a statement like “All Lives Matter.” But Black Lives Matter only want to portray that they are for equality when the truth is they already have it.

If you believe that only some lives matter based on their color of the skin, well, that is the exact definition of a racism. It’s time this group gets called out for what it really is.

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