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Sarah Palin Asked If She’s Been Sexually Harassed In The Workplace, Her Response Is Priceless

When it comes to powerhouse conservatives, there are few people in the game bigger than Gov. Sarah Palin.  The beloved governor of Alaska burst onto the scene as John McCain’s running mate in 2008 and she didn’t look back.
She’s also tough as nails. It has been astounding to watch how poorly the media has treated her since she entered the spotlight.  A reporter bought a house next door to Palin’s family to spy on her and smear her.  ‘Family Guy’ mocked her son who has down syndrome. Liberals made crude jokesabout her daughter’s pregnancy. Gawker encouraged that same daughter to get an abortion.  And on and on and on. No family deserves to go through what Palin’s went through. And for what? Because she’s a conservative?

Palin didn’t waver because she’s inherently not a person who backs down.

If you love Palin’s tenacity, you’ll love what she had to say this week about sexual harassment in the workplace in the wake of the Al Franken meltdown that is taking place as we speak.

Sarah Palin spoke out against sexual harassment in the workplace on Thursday, but said personally hasn’t experienced any incidents because people know she is carrying a weapon.

“I think a whole lot of people know I’m probably packing, so I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me,” the former Alaska governor said while speaking to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on Capitol Hill.


Here’s the clip.

Gotta love the 2nd Amendment shoutout.

Palin is right. It’s no laughing matter. However, that’s not really a joke. It is critically important that law-abiding women out there do everything they can to protect themselves.

The fact of the matter is that good guys (or gals) with guns save lives.

A 2014 FBI report claims that only once between 2000 and 2013 did a concealed handgun permit holder stop a public shooting (they claimed to look at all cases where guns were fired in public that weren’t part of a gang fight or some other crime). This single case occurred in Winnemucca, Nevada in May 2008, when a customer with a permit fatally shot an attacker who had just killed two people. They didn’t even include the 2007 church shooting in Colorado Springs, where a killer had already taken two lives at the church before being stopped by a permit holder.

This false claim just shows how politicized the FBI became under the Obama administration. Many times, police, sheriffs, and prosecutors have gone on the record and credited permit holders with saving many lives. These attacks didn’t get national news attention, but they would have been on front pages everywhere if a permit holder hadn’t intervened.

There are countless examples of people using guns in self-defense at their homes or workplaces. But I want to focus on a much narrower set of cases where permit holders stopped public shootings. Here are 10 additional recent cases.

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