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President Trump Just Got His First Two Opponents for the 2020 Presidential Election

It’s clear that President Trump is going to run for re-election in 2020. He already has raised millions for his next campaign.

Though is still unknown who will be a serious opponent of President Trump, two average celebrities believe they have a chance.

Adult film star Cherie DeVille and Coolio, know for his 90s hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” plan to run against Trump.

At first, this news might seem like a political stunt, but the two are serious in their intentions.

“I’m adult film star Cherie DeVille, and I’m your next president of the United States,” DeVille said in an interview with KESQ.

Before becoming an adult film actress, she worked as a supports health care provider and a physical therapist

DeVille said:

“I’ve worked in hospitals, and I’ve worked in nursing homes, and I’ve worked in outpatient clinics, and there is nothing … more heartbreaking than seeing a family that can’t get the healthcare they want or need because of money.”

She also wants to provide free college education.

“I think it should be like high school. I think we should provide at least some higher-level educational institutions for free,” she stated.

On the other hand, Coolio believes in the conspiracy theories like the “deep state” and wants “normal people” in office.

As the time passes and the presidential race is approaching, we will see if DeVille and Coolio are for the long haul.

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