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PHOTOS: President Trump Landed In Washington DC after 13-Day Successful Asia Trip

President Trump returns from his 13-day Asia trip, declaring it a success.

‘Trump finds success in Asia’ screamed the CNN headline.

First, Donald Trump being called a ‘success’ during his tenure as President of the United States by someone other than himself or his White House staff.

Second, CNN, his most entrenched mainstream media enemy, being the ones to say it.

Yet what else could my old network say?

By any yardstick, Trump’s 13-day tour to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines has been a resounding triumph.

The main purpose of such a trip for any US president is to shore up relations with the countries you are visiting, and their leaders, and to represent America in a good, positive way.

Trump did all that. And he did it with an ease, confidence, respect and good humour. Trump’s also a political superstar of almost unprecedented proportions.

Hence the amazing scenes of excitement that have greeted him throughout the tour.

‘There has never been such close bonds intimately connecting the leaders of both nations as we do now in the history of the Japan-US alliance,’ said Abe.

In South Korea, where Trump’s had a frosty relationship with president Moon Jae-in, he was met with thousands of flag-waving children, military marching bands and hundreds of guards.

Moon told his guest he was ‘making great progress on making America great again.’

He added: ‘There is a special bond forged between President Trump and myself which is meaningful and I am grateful to be part of.’

Trump proudly showed Xi a video of his granddaughter Arabella speaking Chinese.

(I first heard Arabella, Ivanka’s daughter, do this on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, when she was just two years old. It was even more impressive then).

After 20,295 miles on his 13-day trip  President Trump paced on the South Lawn up to the White House.

Trump issued an announcement but only gave the indication that it would be “major”:

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