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Pennsylvania Democrat Resigned on Monday After the Police Found Child Pornography on Computer

Philip Ahr, a former commissioner in Radnor Township, was charged with dissemination and possession of child pornography, criminal use of communication facility and abuse of children, after it was discovered that he had child pornography, including infants, on his computers

It was reported that on Monday the 66-year-old Pennsylvanian Democrat handed over his badge along with the resignation letter.

On Oct 23, Ahr withdraw his position as board’s president

In late August after receiving an information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Ahr shared pornographic photographs of children the authorities started the investigation.

The Authorities searched Ahr’s house on September 21 and discovered evidence of his criminal act on his computer.

Ahr was detained and charged on October 11, with several criminal charges. Since 2014 Ahr have received and sent hundreds of phonographic photographs of children, some even portraying toddlers and infants and also “sadomasochistic abuse and abuse involving children and animals,” the Inquirer reported.

On Monday, the authorities obtained Arh’s work iPad, and after analyzing it they discovered additional incriminating evidence. The Investigators claimed that Arh tried to erase the photographs.

Township Manager Robert Zienkowski said he was surprised by the accusations against Ahr and he is hoping that justice will be served.

“It was quite shocking to take a township-issued iPad and to find what we found on there today,” Zienkowski stated.

“I think it’s very disgusting. It’s awful,” he continued. “My hope is the prosecutor does everything they possibly can to put this individual away.”

His actions are beyond of repulsive, they are just evil.

District Attorney Jack Whelan stated that the Ahr’s charges are “very disturbing.”

“The ages of these children is particularly disturbing. Anywhere from infants to 2-4 to 3-6, and all in those different categories,” Whelan stated.

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