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The NFL Honored The Military on Veterans Day, But There Was Too Little Audience to See Them

The NFL has been in the spotlight these past few months as hundreds of players have decided to protest the national anthem by kneeling, and thousands of fans felt disappointed by the players’ decision to disrespect the flag and all it stands for. So they’ve started to boycott the league by turning off the TV and stop going to games, the NFL ratings have dropped.

Because of this, Veterans Day weekend was no different, as the fans believe the national anthem protests disrespect out military men and women who fought for our flag. Anyhow, the protests were put aside Sunday, and the players did different things to show their respect and honor the Veterans.

Sadly, not many fans were there to see that, the stadiums were empty. You can see that in these pictures:

Whether NFL boycotts and the national anthem protests were the cause of this, one thing is pretty clear: The NFL is struggling.

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