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Mother of Roy Moore Accuser Blows Giant Hole Straight Through Daughter’s Own Story

Judge Roy Moore is the most talked about man in politics over the last week or so thanks to decades-old allegations that have now surfaced regarding sexual misconduct with minors.

The unavoidable fact is that there is no way to prove or disprove these rumors with 100{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38} certainty. We can only lay the facts out on the table. As usual, a lot of the “facts” being pushed by the mainstream media simply don’t add up.

Here’s just one example.

From Breitbart:

The Washington Post, which first published its newsmaking, on-the-record interview with Corfman last week, cited Corfman as remembering that she provided Moore with her number when she was 14. She said that she spoke to Moore from what she described as the phone in her bedroom.

Corfman clearly claimed she spoke to Moore on what she said was “her phone in her bedroom” on at least one of those occasions. The Post did not specify whether the second or third alleged calls purportedly took place on a bedroom phone.

Wells, Corfman’s mother, was asked by Breitbart News: “Back then did she have her own phone in her room or something?”

“No,” she replied matter-of-factly. “But the phone in the house could get through to her easily.”

The Post story relies heavily on Corfman’s memory and her ability to recount events consistently.

That last part is the most important. These allegations heavily rely on their accuracy which is why a lot of people are concerned about why the story seemed to shift from a phone in her bedroom to a phone that was brought into her bedroom. Some will see this as an irrelevant detail, but the stakes are far too high to be that dismissive. Be sure to read the rest of that Breitbart article.

You have probably heard about some other inconsistencies as well.

One accuser said Moore locked her inside the car with him and trapped her in the late 70s. But, were child locks even invented in the 1970s? It appears not.

From American News:

Also, the newest accuser insists that Moore “locked her in the car” to attack her. But, in the 1970s there was no way to lock someone IN a car. Even if you had electronic locks in the 1970s, all you had to do is pull the door handle and the door would have opened. There weren’t any “child lockouts” like we have today.

There is also a lot of controversy surrounding the yearbook belonging to one of the accusers that Moore allegedly signed. First of all, who gets their yearbook in December? Second of all, there are some questions being raised about the legitimacy of that signature.

Granted, there is also evidence out there that doesn’t make Judge Moore look good. Apparently, Moore’s wife is claiming that the Old Hickory Restaurant where one of the incidents took place didn’t open until 2001. That appears to be false.

There is a lot to sort through here.

The knee-jerk reaction is to condemn Judge Moore and to be fair, we should always take these allegations seriously. If he is guilty of groping these young girls than there is no doubt he should not be a U.S. senator. No question.

However, it really defies logic to believe that after running for statewide election five times that this never came up before. Not only that, Roy Moore was a central figure in the 10 Commandments controversy at an Alabama judicial building. These allegations would have been devastating back then, but they weren’t an issue. Why not? Are we really supposed to believe, knowing what we know about the media, that these allegations from 30+ years ago just coincidentally came up a month before this election?

It is not at all farfetched to believe that the media orchestrated this. It’s also not farfetched to believe that a politician isn’t telling the truth. All we can do is lay all the facts out and let the people of Alabama decide.

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