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Moments After Disturbing Al Franken Pic Goes Viral, MSNBC Goes Live with Remarkable Excuse

Earlier today, Al Franken managed to dominate the news cycle. Not because of a new bill he introduced or a powerful message that he delivered to the American people. He dominated the news cycle because he groped Leeann Tweeden while she was asleep and thought it would be funny if his brother took a picture of it.

What a guy. Now, just close your eyes and think about what would happen if a picture of Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz was released. The earth would spin off of its axis.

The mainstream media was furious. All the hosts at MSNBC immediately demanded that Franken should step down. Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. Every liberal far and wide came out and condemned this awful display of sexual misconduct right?


NBC put someone on television to defend Franken.

Like something right out of the 1990s, when the news media did everything it could to undermine then-President Bill Clinton’s female accusers, Kasie Hunt, the Capitol Hill correspondent for NBC News, claimed that what Democrat Senator Al Franken did to journalist Leeann Tweeden is “not actually groping.”

Appearing on MSNBC, the left-wing Hunt said, “And then [Franken] took a picture, which his office now says was a joke, that shows him not actually groping, but mock-groping her while she was asleep.”

Yes. That actually happened. Here’s the clip.

Pretty remarkable. Even with photo evidence of Al Franken grabbing her, this NBC reporter just can’t bring herself to admit that maybe her vision of Roy Moore is already sitting in the U.S. Senate and he’s got a ‘D’ next to his name.

The funny thing is that even if she’s right about the picture she is still wrong. Say he wasn’t actually grabbing her. It doesn’t matter because Tweeden also accused Franken of sticking his tongue in her mouth without permission. So he’s still clearly in the wrong and still a big league hypocrite. That being said, he was clearly groping her with a big smile on his face while he did it.

All the American people are really asking for is a fair media. No one is saying that every channel has to be Fox News (although that would be nice) but everyone should be held to the same standard. If it’s wrong for a Republican. It’s wrong for a Democrat. If a judge in Alabama can have his career ruined because several women decided to end their 40-year silence a month before the election and hurl allegations at him then Al Franken’s career should be ruined for this.

Hollywood is falling apart. The liberal establishment is falling apart. Isn’t it glorious. It’s definitely bad form to be glad over the misfortunes of others but it’s really hard not to laugh at this spectacle. All of the people who have been lecturing us about how Democrats are the beacon of morality are now forced to explain this. They will try, but they will fail just like this MSNBC “reporter” did.

Think Al loses his job?

Let us know below.

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