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Liberal Deli Owner Apologizes for Commenting ‘White’ People Dying is a Relief… Then a Sweet Revenge Came Along

The Las Vegas shooting represented a shock and devastation to many, but for others, it was a reason to celebrate. After a restaurant owner expressed satisfaction in the 59 deaths and over 500 injured people at the Las Vegas concert venue, he faced serious criticism, upon which the comments were deleted, but the deed remained done.

This didn’t sit well with Americans, so additional repercussions followed shortly after. The left always took pride in standing up for equality, tolerance, and diversity, a tactic that has failed them miserably so far. Although their supporters were loud and clear on where they stood politically-wise, it was not enough to convince the American patriots of their good intentions.

Therefore, when Max’s Deli owner Greg Morelli first learned about the Las Vegas shooting, liberals seized the opportunity to spit venom regarding the tragedy. Chicago-born Morelli tweeted that the shooting did not only bring him relief but he felt as though “white” people deserved it.

Morelli soon found himself receiving hardcore backlash from the wider public, causing him to delete the tweet, although it was a little too late for it. He even tried apologizing on Facebook:

“It was a dumb joke and it didn’t work. I own it. It was stupid,” Morelli said. “It was seven in the morning and I was stressed out and freaked out by the shooting,” he added. “I was trying to participate, and all I did was put my foot in my mouth.”

Americans are no good with excuses, once the damage is done, and Morelli learned that the hard way. Many commented the tweet, with one social media user saying that his business will suffer tremendously due to the nasty comments, reminding the owner that his restaurant’s location consists of mostly ‘white’ population. Morelli has since closed his deli, due to heavy pressure.

He tried posting on socila media yet again, in efforts to save his business and get the Americ an a pardon:

“We live in a time of mass shootings. This is my mass apology,” Morelli wrote. “The thoughts have not worked. The prayers have not worked. What lead me to think Twitter was a good idea is beyond me. I simply do not know what to do about the shootings. Truly, I’m lost!” he wrote on Facebook. “I own the words I wrote. They hurt people. I apologize. Some have suggested I take them down. I don’t know if you can. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. But I’ll try. There. I just took them down. Let’s see if it’s a step in the right direction.”

Morelli then appealed to Trump supporters, trying to regain their affection, a move that only caused even more revolt. Next, he put in an effort to reach out to Second Amendment-supporters, saying, “I don’t want to take your guns.” Expectedly, this only further enraged viewers, who could see that the out-of-touch deli owner was merely trying to save his business and once again assumed that the only reason anyone could be offended by him mocking shooting victims is that they support Trump.

Everyone, however, saw right through his intentions and didn’t take the bait, knowing he was only looking to save his restaurant as opposed to having the country’s best interest at heart.

The reason Americans found it hard to trust Morelli is that, only a month ago, he offered a menu with a caricature of Trump dressed as a Nazi that read “I am with the Alt-Right.” Morelli didn’t stop there and added he has no problem “assigning symbolism to hatred.” After everything that has happened to him recently, he began feeling regretful, but only because his profits were cut. For Americans, that is not good enough.

Morelli took a step in the wrong direction, and after having realized the repercussions, he began whining and ‘turning’ into an all-time America patriot. However, he managed to revolt many with his comments and deeds to the point of no return. It is doubtful that anyone who strikes at the country and President like that will survive the anger of Americans. Just look at what happened with Colin Kaepernick. After purposely kneeling during the national anthem, he was not only fired but is struggling to find a new gig.

The country never forgets, and whoever you are, once you go after what America and its citizens stand for, you’ll pay the price. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but not this time around.

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