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Latest Poll Results Shows Roy Moore Leads Doug Jones in Alabama Special Election

The poll results released Tuesday showed that Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate leads his opponent Doug Jones.

FOX 10 News released a poll according to which Moore is in the lead with 6 points, 49{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38} to 43{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38}. The rest of the voters are still undecided. When asked wheatear Moore’s accusations made a difference in their vote, 51{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38} said that “NO” or were undecided.

The results from other poll show that Jones has the lead over Moore by 4 points, 46{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38} to 42{187e9c16e90dbd26bbfd5dbba226ffefe2e2c3f5dfe1b8b28a2fb7a46d239e38}.

Many Senate Republicans including Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader thinks that the accusations against Moore are true and he should resign the elections. Paul Ryan shares the same opinion, saying that the claims are “credible.”

Moore is still facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with minors. On Monday, another woman, fifth in a row, accused Moore of sexual assault against her when she was only 16, and Moore was in his early 30s. At that time, he was serving as district attorney of Etowah County.

According to Alabama law, the Republican Party cannot replace the candidate on the ballot, if Moore decides to resign election race. A write-in campaign must happen if the Republican Party wants to replace a candidate.

The margin of poll’s error is +/- 2 points, as the poll was conducted amongst 3,000 voters.

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