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LATEST: Children And Parents Among the Murdered Victims in Elementary School Shooting

Five people have been confirmed dead in the Rancho Tehama Elementary School shooting.
Tehama County, CA – A gunman opened fire at Rancho Tehama Elementary School about 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

NBC Bay Area is now reporting that two children and at least one parent is believed to be among the five people confirmed to have been killed.

“Two children are among the slain and there are reports of several people injured.” NBC reports.

UPDATE: NBC may be wrong, as no children deaths have been confirmed.

Police said that the shooter started at a home and then moved to the elementary school, according to KRCA.

The gunman, whose name has not been released,was shot and killed by police officers.

“I was walking my child to the classroom because they blew the whistle for the first bell, and when that first whistle blew it sounded like a firecracker went off and we all stopped and were stunned. Then, like a minute later, there were three more shots fired,” witness Coy Ferreira told KRCR.

Ferreira said that he took cover in a classroom with 14 students and then shots came through the window, hitting a student in the foot and chest.

“Within a minute we were all buckled in our classrooms and all of a sudden there were gunshots going for a good 20-25 minutes. My window was hit by a few shots and a student was injured in my classroom. He got nailed somehow, it happened all so fast,” Ferreira said.

Another witness reported seeing a suspect in a white truck drive through the school gate and start shooting at the school.

Semi-automatic rifles and pistols were recovered on scene.

A neighbor identified the shooter as “Kevin” a man in his 50s. He was reportedly seen wearing camouflage clothing during the shooting.

“The crazy thing is the neighbor has been shooting a lot of bullets lately – hundreds of rounds, large magazines,” Brian Flint told reporter Jim Schultz. “We made it (known) that this guy is crazy and he’s been threatening us and everything like that.”

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston made a statement to the media.

“I don’t have a list of victims. I don’t know how many victims. I know at least three deaths,” Sheriff Johnson said.

“I know that we have medevac’d a number of students. I know that the school’s been cleared. I know that we have children that were attending school in a safe location at this time,” he said.

Five victims are confirmed to have been killed, and multiple victims have been taken to area hospitals.

Over 100 officers are present at the school and actively working at least five crime scenes, according to Fox5 San Diego.

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