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Former Mexican President Scolds U.S. after Las Vegas Attack

“[Gun Control] is a topic that must be dealt with ASAP,” he said. “American people must not be looking over their shoulder for their countrymen.”

Prior to this tweet he sent out a more sanguine message, saying, “This morning, we mourn for the victims in Las Vegas. Such a heartless and senseless act of violence. We must #PrayForTheWorld to find peace.”

Fox’s comments fall in line with the response from many on the left who clamored for gun control even as the details of the terrible attack were still being released and processed.

What was the response?

Many online didn’t appreciate the politicization from Fox, especially given the exceeding violence in his own country despite gun control being implemented there for years.

Are they right about Mexico being a dangerous country?

Mexico has one of the highest homicide rates in the world. A 2017 survey found there were more than 22,000 homicides in the country and rated it the second deadliest country in the world, worse than Afghanistan or Yemen. Defenders of the country blame the violence on U.S. demand for illegal drugs.

What are gun laws like in Mexico?

While Mexican citizens have a constitutional right to owning guns, the state highly regulates the ownership of guns, and rarely grants conceal-carry permits. As a result, few Mexican citizens own guns legally. Some gun advocates have demanded expansion of gun rights so that Mexican citizens can defend themselves from the violence in Mexico.

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