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Country Singer John Rich Handed Over Personal Firearm to Off-Duty Cop During Vegas Shooting, And Wow

Country music star John Rich, one half of the popular duo Big & Rich, was at the Redneck Riviera bar in Las Vegas when a gunman unleashed a hail of gunfire on a country music festival on the Strip.

Rich revealed on Monday there was an off-duty Minneapolis police officer in the bar at the time. He recalled the amazing thing that happened in an interview with Fox News:

“I had an off-duty police officer, it was a Minneapolis police officer, off-duty, was in my bar hanging out. He came up to me and showed me his badge, and he says… ‘I’m [a police] officer and I’m not armed for the first time ever. I can’t believe it. Are you armed?’ I said yes I am armed. I had my concealed carry. He asked, ‘can I have your firearm so I can hold point on this door?’ So I handed over my firearm to him, everybody got behind him and for two hours he held point on that door without flinching.”

After the horrifying shooting, Rich went searching for the off-duty cop.

And eventually, he found him.

While the off-duty officer was able to keep bar patrons safe, the gunman who opened fire on concertgoers slaughtered at least 59 people and injured over 500 more in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Police had not identified a motive in the shooting as of Monday night.

Watch Rich tell the story via Fox News below.

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