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Atlanta Falcons Wore Stickers on Their Helmets Honoring the Fallen Veterans

While the relationship between the NFL and the U.S. Veterans and service members has been tense this couple of months, on Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons showed their respect and honor on the field.

in a Twitter video, the Falcons revealed that their helmets will have special labels with the initials of a different fallen veteran because “it’s bigger than us.”

“It’s our way to honor fallen heroes for families that we want to show and demonstrate our respect to,” Dan Quinn, the head coach, stated. “On that day we wanted to let their families know that we’re playing for their fallen hero.”

Before the game, punter Matt Bosher shared a photo of his helmet on Instagram saying he is “proud” to play for veteran William “Billy” Koprince Jr. and his “amazing mother and father.”

“Thank you for everything your family has given to our beautiful nation,” he wrote. “Here is to keeping his amazing memory and ultimate sacrifice alive!”

Quarterback Matt Ryan has the initials of Capt. Joshua Byers who died at age of 29 while in Iraq on his mother’s 50th birthday.

“He was known for making his soldiers laugh and providing morale boosts despite the chaos of war around them,” Ryan said in a video posted to Instagram.

As the players appeared on the field, 64 white stickers with black initials were shining from the back od their helmets:

The Falcons and AT&T will donate to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, an organization which supports the military families of those who died, with $100,000

Watch the video below:

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